Woods Gravity Colonics

The Gravity Method is the original method of Colon therapy and also the most natural. The body is more receptive to the gentle flow of water via natural means. During the session, your Colon directs the treatment in unison with the water. Most people, who are new to Colonics, feel that the process is much easier and more relaxing than they anticipate.

How it Works:

There is a 5-gallon tank of warm water suspended 3 feet above your body, which will be filled approximately twice during your Colonic session. As the water enters your body it will simultaneously exit and allow your elimination to begin naturally. Your elimination is fully contained in a closed tube, and you will be covered with a drape sheet or towel for privacy. There is no odor or uncomfortable circumstances.

The One Tool:

An instrument called the speculum is lubricated and gently inserted into the sphincter muscle, one inch only. It is made of stainless steel and it is completely sterilized by a three-step process.

The Three Step Process:

1st: Our speculum are scrubbed and rinsed with soap and hot water.

2nd: The instruments are soaked in a powerful, disinfecting solution of 35% Food Grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

3rd: They are placed into a Medical-Grade autoclave for heat sterilization.
Surgical tubing (made of firm rubber material) conveys water into the body, and water/waste out of the body directly into the plumbing. This tubing is changed after each client.

Your Hydrotherapist:

Your Colon therapist will be in the room the entire time and will be in tune with your body throughout the treatment through abdominal massage. There will be a gentle manual pulsing of the tube that carries the water out of your body. There is no physical pain or discomfort. Most people find the procedure quite relaxing.

Your therapists is also practicing the lifestyle. You will see the benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy by talking with your therapist and seeing the complete and radiant health that your therapist exhibits.

If you have any further questions that were not answered here, your therapist will be happy to address them with you privately before your session begins. Remember, It is common to be a bit nervous before your first Colonic. We make the process comfortable, and will set your mind at ease by our professionalism and extensive knowledge of Colon Hydrotherapy.

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